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The Five Dollar Movie takes you on a journey to one of the most innovative and oddest versions of the gig economy: But it is also a meta-documentary that uses its subject to create the film—a documentary made about Fiverr, with Fiverr.

Meet our Backers

Posted on 22 Nov 2013 in Blog | 4 comments

Back in August we ran a Kickstarter campaign offering only one perk: in return for a $5 pledge, individuals would have their photo and a credit in The Five Dollar Movie (note: we did add an additional perk after reaching our target). In total 160 people backed us online and a further 41 in person (most of them at our Kickstarter launch party).  We’ve spent much of this week editing and printing the photographs to create our backer wall. You can see the work in progress below.

Backers 2

These photos will eventually be mounted on the wall in our studio and feature in the final film.

Backers 4

We’re still missing about 50 backer photos. If you’re one of them and want your photo in the film email it to us asap!

Backers 3

Below are the names of all 201 individuals who backed the film with $5 (or more):

Adam Wihlborg, Aisha Manus, Alex B Graber, Alex Duncan, Alexa Martz, Allen Wan, Ana Chiu, Andrew J Guerin, Andy Mitchell, Angela Byrne, Angharad Fletcher, Ann Luttrell, Ann-Shopie Leeman, Anna Smith, Anton Khinchuck, Anya Vaverko, Ashley L. Reta, Ashley Reta, Austin C. Vickery, Barbara McDonald, Barry Lee, Ben Cohen, Beth Lokken, Bijan Mostafavi, Brayden Martino, Brian Macklin, Britte Marsh, Camilla Ryan, Cao Yuan, Carrie Tie, Carys Seren Mol, CEO E BROOKS, Charlotte Fiona Egrix, Chloe Marie Songer, Chris Bateman, Christian Genzel, Christina B, Christina Brezee, Christopher T. Cooper, Claire Russo, Corey L. Sims, Dalton Lai, Dan Anderson, Dave McDonald, David A. Gilbert, Dawa Pratten, Dee Williams, Derek Hanrahan, Desiree Gilli, Diana Klochkova, Dominic Fortin-Charland, Douglas Wood, Dr. Rob Quicke, Ebonye!, Erica Merchant Lee, Esther Young, Fabrice Machenaud, Fannie Huang, Favian Quezada, Fayth L. W. Sims, Fidel Pérez, Fin Wright, Fiona Benjamin, Fraggle Waggle, Frank Wright, Frida Castillo, Galen Berkowitz, Galen Michael Stolee, Gianpaolo Lupori, Gigi Cox, Giulia La Paglia, Gregory Perez, Guy Rahamim, Hannah Wright, Hawyee Auyong, Hayden Yogman, Helena Williams, Helina Tesega, Hilary Sorensen, Hoo Kang, Imani A. W. Sims, Isobel Yeung, Ixtli Mórán, Jack and Aekyoung Large, Jake Colega, James Burbridge, James T. Soe, James Weir, Jasmine D. K. Sims, Jay Otto, Jen Forecki, Jennifer Dobbyn, Jennifer Neeley, Jeremy Smith, Jess Lawrie, Joe Constanty, Joe Nafis, John Callahan, John Delikat, Jordan Donegan, Joseph Hardin, Joseph Peter Perez, Joseph Szeluga, Josephine Field, Joshua Lawton, Julia Montague, Julius Beronio, K&A, Karen Brewster, Karin Michelle Bouler, Kat Jenkins, Kelsey Friend, KestOn AsTer CHEW, Laura Holt, Lauren Adams, Lauren Ory-Flowers, Lidija Liegis, Lili Blight, Lilian hickey, Liu Jia, Liz Grabenstein, Luca Guglielmi, Lucia Cabanova, Madalena Hogg, Madcotto, Magnus Nygren, Manaure Francisquez, Marc Cabianca, Marc Schwartz, Marius Lyseggen Krinnan, Martin Latham, Marty Koenig, Marwan Alzarouni, MaryAnn Clark, Matt Skowron, Maurice Covarrubias, Megan Jumago, Megan Rees, Melissa Slater, Melissa Tidd, Michael Tyrannosaurus Kadie, Misty Brewster, Misty’s Dad, Nasser Dahilig, Natasha S. Chowdory, Nichali M. Ciaccio, Nicholas Cellinese, Nick Anthony Nichols, Nick Black, Nick Scroggs, Nicolas Tiutan, Oguz Kaan Bulut, Patricia Byrne, Paul Sztajer, Pira Pewnim, Puyallup Car and Truck, Q. Allan Brocka, Ramzi Chaabane, Rathis Kay, Regina Guzman, Rey the Dog, Rob Gordon, Rob Wilkinson, Robert Boxley, Roger J Smith, Rohan Graetz, Rudi Nienaber, Russell R Coe AKA Trailer Park Russ, Ryan Lim, Sadeep Rai, Sammy Trujillo, Sara Sayami, Sarah Tierney, Scott Burroughs, Sean Schacht, Selah Brezee, Sergio, Shadow Stalker, Shaun Nath, Sir Msquared, Stefanie Lawrence, Stella Chew, Steph Rymer, Stephanie M. Vogel, Steven Reddy, Stuart Dunn, Takayoshi Wiesner, The Hockens from Delly End, Theo Courtial, Thomas Hadorn, Thornton Drury, Tinting Tang, Tom Schacht, Tony Deorsey, Uffe G Pedersen, Wendy Wang, Will Bumpus, Will Peach, William Smith, Yi An Quach.



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