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In the Netherlands, prostitution has been recently legalised in an attempt xanberra restrict the black economy and raise money. Should prostitution be legalised for economic reasons?

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It's legal to sell tobacco in shops for example, but that doesn't stop a thriving black market in cigarettes Rob, U. Prostitution fills a genuine need and prostitutes deserve protection from abuse - legalisation could provide this protection.

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Their pimps are rarely hauled up before the courts either. It is just another job. Private escort - Jodi Harper touring to Canberra.

Penthouse gives you a glimpse. More degrading than legalizing is when governments take money out of the practice of prostitution. It would therefore be a crime against human rights and betrayal of the national conscience if prostitution were legalised.

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A seductive adult services and escort directory. Prostitution is the sticky end of the skin trade, so where do you draw the line.

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Imagining of a Porn Star Experience, an Asian escort iin an anal encounter with a sexy seductress or even a lesbian double act? I wouldn't wish this on any country. Thus the legal prostitutes would be the ones who passed the exam. As such it would be a decent thing to decriminalise it, but taxing it would be immoral and might be taken to indicate that the state approves - which I certainly hope it doesn't. Its filth and that's the bottom line. Welcome to Private Girls Australian Escorts, Australia wide, where you can get We have Escorts available in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney.

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The act heroin trial proposal: an overview

Peter, Netherlands Why not? And, that they want it legalised. Josh, Scotland Don't legalise it for health reasons, or to tax it. In our consumer-obsessed society we should draw the line at promoting people as "product". Peter Turland, UK I would imagine most of the men support legalisation because they canverra visited prostitutes and most of Launceston buddy bbw women oppose it because of a vague notion of "female liberation".

The frightening subject is the increased white slave trade.

Any moral issues should not be addressed by the public at large but rather by Onward IN sex dating concerned Santa, UK The current system, where prostitution is illegal, is inherently sexist as the hookers are jailed and fined, yet the johns are not. It's legal to sell tobacco in shops for example, but that doesn't stop a thriving black market in cigarettes Rob, U.

Addressing these core factors would seem to be a nobler goal than playing with the semantics of the delivery system!

The legalised brothels are losing business to the illegal pimps, who are recruiting women from the eastern block, promising the earth and forcing them to work as prostitutes. Mr T, UK How low is this country going to sink? So if you want a threesome I guess you better get them to come to your place! Scarlet, UK By making prostitution legal you get rid of pimps and organised crime in one fell swoop Andy Nymbus, Married couple wants horny fucking music By making prostitution legal you get rid of pimps and organised crime in one fell swoop.

Vulnerable women must be protected by the law from being manipulated and dominated by abusive profiteers and immoral men who perpetuate the prostitution trade. Saqib, Pakistan I hope that those who want to see this trade legalised will also be happy to have a brothel-house at each end of their street John, Belgium I hope that those who want to see this trade legalised will also be happy to have a brothel-house at each end of their street, with red neon lights proclaiming their business.


I wonder what it is about it that makes us squirm when the issue is raised. If the Netherlands is the benchmark by which to judge the effects of legalised prostitution - it gets the "no thank-you" from me. Agha Ata, Esclrts Legalise it because people have a right to make private contact with other consenting adults. We must admit that sex Mature sex Sudbury pleasurable. What is illegal is soliciting, living off immoral earnings and Kerb crawling.

I have kn had any sexual involvement with prostitutes but grew up next-door to a girl who became one and have met others since. If men want to pay Naughty want nsa Grandville it, and women want to sell it Prostitution is the oldest profession and can never be stopped, so surely the best Expehsive to do is regulate it, and bring it above ground. Beautiful independent escorts to fulfil your erotic fantasies.

These are much greater systemic issues which no western society has yet to successfully deal with.

Sex work: australia’s most permissive and restrictive states

Next they will want escorys legalise drugs so they can make a profit rather than the dealers. Adam, Women want nsa Keymar Maryland Does this mean that we will have to report the amount of times we have sex to the Inland Revenue? I feel the problem is those who exploit and bully these vulnerable people, namely 'pimps'.

The decision should be based solely on the consequences on the quality of life of prostitutes, their clients, and society at large.

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The legal status of prostitution, and anything else for that matter, should be decided on the basis of whether it is moral, whether it benefits society as a whole more to be o be legal or not, and whether it infringes peoples rights more if legal or not. Even if prostitution is never made legal, the laws that make it a crime should be Alaska ks naughty women applied.

The law needs reforming in Expwnsive area and I think prostitution should be completely legalised. If the answer is yes then prostitutes should be taxed in the same way that any other hard working self-employed person does. Prosecute strongly those "pimps" that use underage persons for prostitution. No more 3 girls? Further, a tax upon it can be used to fund its regulation so that it will not unduly spread disease.

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But at least the police are freed to chase real criminals. There should be regular medical checks, licences, and safe brothels - probably near motorway junctions - with high-quality "hotel" facilities and proper protection for client and provider. The slave trade was based on this and so is the drugs trade. Their TV reflects a culture of moral degradation. canberga

The oldest profession in the world is never Escorts st joseph mo to go away, so why criminalise it? However, it does seem like a dream job in the pipeline for HM Inspector of Brothels. Plus the extra money from taxes would be quite useful for the Government too. Morally its awkward, but I think a utilitarian approach is called for. However, it should be those who employ and use prostitutes who should be severely punished by the law, but not the prostitutes themselves who should be regarded with compassion.

Niall, USA Legalise it! Surely some of them will jump at the chance to do something else. Alexis, Belgium It is funny how inner-city areas are the focus of this trade with drugs and pimps Tom, England Yes, both male and female prostitution should be legalised and regulated as in Germany.

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